The Truffle School

The Truffle School is a product of the passion and commitment of the company founders. Its goal is to raise awareness about truffles in Poland, both in terms of professional gastronomy and of cultivation projects, in order to help those who intend to establish a truffle plantation.

This educational initiative is the result of numerous research projects and scientific publications by Professor Hilszczańska, including her book entitled “Polish Truffles – The Treasure Recovered” (Information Center of State Forests, Warsaw 2016).

Training courses conducted by the Truffle School are organized in cooperation with the Polish Truffle Association, and consist of two levels:

Level 1 – “Truffle Connoisseur”

Intensive one-day training (10 hours) dedicated to all aspects of truffles:

  • The history of truffle in Poland and Europe;
  • Truffle biology;
  • The classification and identification of species;
  • The natural environment of truffles;
  • Truffle ecology;
  • Criteria for selecting truffles and symbiotic plants;
  • Modern truffle plantation and basic cultivation models;
  • Practical examples on how to train dogs in truffle-searching – procedures, stages and techniques.

The training ends with a written test and the issuing of a “Truffle Expert” certificate.

Level 2 – “Truffle Expert”

Intensive training lasting 2 days (20 hours), mainly devoted to representatives of Polish Professional Gastronomy, and include:

  • The technical exploration of the topics covered in the Level 1 training;
  • Acquiring the necessary competence to assess the quality of truffles and their market price;
  • Truffle maintenance
  • The catering equipment for the preparation of truffles;
  • Truffle-serving techniques;
  • A set of old Polish truffle-based recipes with;
  • A set of modern regulations, at European level;
  • Combining truffles and wine (incl. a tasting session);
  • A cooking session and tasting of fresh truffle.

The training ends with a written test and the issuing of a “Truffle Expert” certificate.

Missions in Poland, “Land of Truffles”

This module is for those who have successfully completed the Level 1 or Level 2 training and would like to explore the subject of truffles in a “live” environment “practice”. Truffle hunts will be take place in wooded, hilly and mountainous areas in Poland, to locate new natural habitats for truffles. The duration of the hunt is usually 1-2 days.